The Faces Behind Origin

A brief summary of the Ampex team.


Justus Harmer - Executive manager

Justus started trading high leveraged forex CFDs in 2012. He created and sold Bitcoin Futures contracts, diversified into clothing, and was the credit sponsor for the Laughs TV show on FOX. he created Lifeform Capital with Luis and developed the idea for Origin with Eric and Bryan. Justus engineered the derivatives being listed on the Ampex Exchange. Justus has always had a passion for Finance, trading and cryptocurrencies he began investing and trading bitcoin in 2012.


Bryan sharpe - Development manager

Bryan learned to program at the age of 14 during spring break of his freshman year of high school. At 15, he started FIRST robotics team 4576 with his technology teacher and worked as the lead programmer for his team. He attended 1 year at the University of Tennessee for Computer Engineering before leaving to focus on projects with Justus and Luis. After nearly a year working on various cryptocurrency designs, Origin was born.


Eric Crozier - manager of internation affairs

Specializing in financial modeling and algorithmic development Eric Crozier helped lay the foundation for Ampex Technologies. By visualizing a platform where the digitizing of assets could be used to promote trade, increase market growth, as well as hedge capital against shifts in the markets he designed KI.


Luis Loo - operations manager

As Operational Manager of Ampex Technologies, Luis leads the Ampex exchange development to have a stable platform for Origin and its assets. Prior to Ampex, Justus and himself created Lifeform Capital which Ampex is the subsidiary of. Luis received his B.S in computer engineering from the University of Florida and proceeded to work at a media design studio developing software and hardware for various applications and platforms.


Daniel Brennan - Business Development manager

Daniel trained as an accountant in the UK for five years before branching off into industry. In that time, he has worked in many different industries as a consultant. In addition to this at the age of 26 he ran for public office and became a council member. He became chairman of the finance committee of the council, in charge of the public purse. He also sat on the planning committee for the council and chaired a special investigatory committee regarding internal issues within the council. This culminated in being offered the position of director of business development for the Aerospace International Research Centre (AIRC) based in Vienna, Austria, where he met the team at Lifeform Capital and Ampex on some joint ideas. He worked at the AIRC for some time working on an international platform catering towards hundreds of thousands of members and creating new business opportunities with world renown companies such as Price Waterhouse Cooper and Maitland. He now heads up the finance department for a company in his home city of Leicester in an international team and specialises in company acquisition, the due diligence behind that including company valuation and integration of these new businesses into a group and for the company to sell its product through the client base of these new businesses.


Harold peña - Manager of domesitic business relations

Harold has always had a passion for technology and learning since he was a young boy. His vision for success and strive for excellence has taken him to the United States Air Force Academy to become an Air Force Officer and Fighter Pilot. He is currently on leave of absence to work on Ampex and pursue his interests in programming and business where he conducts marketing for investors, web development, and business operations.